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Use of Apple pulp powder and pomegranate seed powder on extended storage of low fat emulsion pork sausage.

Low fat meat products are getting worldwide acceptance now-a-days. Pork based meat product, low fat pork sausage was developed with incorporation of olive oil, dried apple pulp and pomegranate seed powder. The product was prepared following a standardized procedure and stored at 4±1°C for 12 days. Proximate composition and sensory attributes were analyzed during the storage period. Average values observed for traditional pork sausage (T1) were moisture - 47.9%, protein - 24.72%, fat - 25.18%, and total ash - 2.37% on 1st day. For the low fat pork sausage (T2), it was 50.63% (moisture), 23.87% (protein), 23.03% (fat) and 2.42% (total ash). No significant (P>0.05) difference could be observed in proximate composition values during storage period. Sensory parameters studied were indicating that low fat pork sausage (T2) was more acceptable to sensory panelists than the traditional pork sausage (T1) and low fat pork sausage (T2) was ranked very good throughout the storage period. Meat products may help to open new window to the snack food market in developing and under developed countries.


Keshab Debnath, Pragati Hazarika, Devajani Deka, A.K. Samanta, Anannya Das, Sandeep Kumar, Saifur Rahaman and Santanu Nath

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