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Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 7, Issue 4 https:/ Global Pharmaceutical and Pharma Industry Conference pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylelineheight115span stylefontfamilyquotCalibriquot,quotsansserifquotAlessia Drsquosouzaspanspanspanp https:/ Hypotension Caused by Protamine with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylelineheight115span stylefontfamilyquotCalibriquot,quotsansserifquotMarium Collinsspanspanspanp Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 7, Issue 6 Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 8, Issue 1 https:/ Nanomedicine for the diagnosis prevention and treatment of wideranging clinical conditions Thomas J Webster https:/ Evaluation of the mucosal retention properties and toxicological profiles of a mucoadhesive polymer gel Matt Martin https:/ Testing the twohit hypothesis of Alzheimer disease cell cycle reentry George Perry https:/ Hydrogen technology for automobiles in the 21st century towards more secure and cleaner environment Dhanesh Chandra https:/ A comprehensive drug review on macitentan a preeminent inclusion to pulmonary arterial hypertension therapy Asif Husain Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 8, Issue 2 https:/ The Lx linker technology for development and production of antibodydrug conjugates with distinguished features Eugen Merkul https:/ Herbal drugs past present future scenario in India A K Saksena https:/ The role of pummaria indica and ajuga bracteosa in the treatment of scabies Said Hussain Shah https:/ Diagnosis of ADHD in adulthood Pawan Rajpal https:/ Chemoenzymatic synthesis of polysaccharidegrafted polymeric materials JunIchi Kadokawa Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 8, Issue 3 https:/ Evaluation of monomeric sugar yield from various grasses grown in Thailand as biofuel feedstock by twostage pretreatment process Sujitra Wongkasemjit https:/ Elimination of nitrogen and phosphorous compounds from industrial and domestic effluents using vertical bioreactors Manuel Alvarez Cuenca https:/ Acoustic and 1H NMR responses of an acidic nuclear extractant with some polar liquids Biswajit Dalai https:/ Application of mesoporous materials to hydrogenation and Bayer Villiger oxidation of citral Izabela Nowak https:/ Synthesis characterization and application of carbon dots Roger M Leblanc Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 8, Issue 4 https:/ Antiangiogenesis therapy and Immune crosstalk Clinical conundrums and optimisms Debabrata Dev Mukhopadhyay https:/ Clinical development of PfSPZ vaccine A highly protective welltolerated and safe vaccine for the prevention of malaria in travelers and for the elimination of malaria from endemic areas Thomas Laurence Richie https:/ Pharmaceutical care era The rise of medication therapy management Ayman M Noreddin https:/ Reverse pharmacology of sceletium tortuosum Wilfried Dimpfel https:/ The effect of hippocampal andor striatal injection of synuclein fibrils on novel object and novel place recognition David A Johnson Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 8, Issue 5 https:/ Challenge facts and solutions of Pharmacovigilance monitoring Tarik Messaoud https:/ Adverse drug reactionsMechanism Sheela Ankolekar https:/ Invitro study on EGFR gene expression with plasmid based micro RNA7chitosan complexes in breast cancer cell lines Pelin Bulut https:/ Formulation Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals Natalie Perraudeau https:/ A novel drug delivery system of MagnetoElectric Nanoparticles S N CasillasPopova Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 7, Issue 1 https:/ Journal of In Silico and In Vitro Pharmacology is Welcoming Authors for Submissions of a Manuscript pAlessia Drsquosouzap https:/ ReEngineering Cns Drug Discovery and Development Using Computer Aided Modelling pAlessia Drsquosouzap https:/ Role of Pharmacogenomics in Drug Discovery and Development pAlessia Drsquosouzap https:/ Pharmacokinetics pNitisha Goyalp Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 7, Issue 2 https:/ Impact of serum Folate on Cancer cells pnbspnbspAndria Dsouzap https:/ Possibility of pharmaceutical manufacture of improved traditional medicines by Using Medicinal plants pnbspAndriya Phillipp https:/ Efficiency of Aloe Vera Juice on Diabetes Mellitus An Interventional Study pAlessia Drsquosouzap https:/ Note on coconut oil An essential oil for all purpose pAnette Jacobsp https:/ Swath mass spectrometry as a technique for quantitative profiling of bone marrow plasma from alcoholic liver disease at the 2019 Mass Spectrometry Congress pIsabelle Gomezp Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 7, Issue 3 https:/ CellDerived Neurons or the Cell Replacement pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylelineheight115span stylefontfamilyquotCalibriquot,quotsansserifquotSophia Collinsspanspanspanp https:/ Omega3 Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease A Narrative Review for Pharmacists pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylebackgroundwhitespan stylelineheight115span stylefontfamilyquotCalibriquot,quotsansserifquotspan stylecolorblackOlivia Taylorspanspanspanspanspanp https:/ Translational Pharmacology Role and its Impact pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylebackgroundwhitespan stylelineheight115span stylefontfamilyquotCalibriquot,quotsansserifquotspan stylecolorblackMariya Dixonspanspanspanspanspanp https:/ Human immunology and immunotherapy main achievements and challenges pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylelineheight115span stylefontfamilyquotCalibriquot,quotsansserifquotspan stylecolorblackAndriya Taylorspanspanspanspanp https:/ In Carcinogenesis Phosphorylation Regulates CullinBased Ubiquitination pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylelineheight115span stylefontfamilyquotCalibriquot,quotsansserifquotChristiana Williamsspanspanspanp Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Volume 7, Issue 5 https:/ Almoosa Hospitals Experience with Inferior Vena Cava Filter Indications and Prognostic Outcomes pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylelineheight115span calibri stylefontfamilyspan stylecolorblackJack Fordspanspanspanspanp https:/ Drug Delivery via Niosomal Noisome pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylelineheight115span calibri stylefontfamilyErica Collinsspanspanspanp https:/ Regenerative Medicine Pharmacology pspan stylefontsize140ptspan stylelineheight115span calibri stylefontfamilySoofna Allenspanspanspanp Journal of In Silico & In Vitro Pharmacology Proceedings of Webinar on Pharmacology and Webinar on Clinical Trials https:/ Patients response after using Antibodies monoclonal for multiple sclerosis and migraine Zeyad Nimer https:/ Why camel milk interferes with anesthesia differently in various populations Amirova Mahira Firudin https:/ Up skilling of the Data Management Role Do we anticipate super specialisations in CDM Syed Haque https:/ Root Couse analysis Ishikawa diagram and Patient Safety Fatima Yousef Ali Ghethan https:/ Prevention of drug induce cardiovascular diseases Amna Ibrahim Al Muaini https:/ Pandemic future proofing clinical trials lessons learnt from London Jorg Taubel https:/ Novel approaches in cancer pharmacology Kareem Naser https:/ Efficacy of Skimmed Milk Administration in Mild and Moderate Hypophosphatemia SMPhos An OpenLabel Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Kiara Marie Padua https:/ Effect of sleeve gastrectomy on metabolic status in type 2 obese diabetics Ibrahim El Bayoumy https:/ Coronary Artery disease Zeeshan Habib https:/ Assessment of Nutrition and Importance of School Conditions to the health of Students Studying in Urban and Rural Conditions Guzal Toshmatova