Hepatitis-A: Review on Current and Future Scenario

Hepatitis is familiarly termed as inflammation to the liver. It can be incurred by both infectious and non-infectious ways. Infectious type may be caused by certain parasitic organisms, fungus, bacteria and virus. Non Infectious ways include metabolic diseases, autoimmune disorders, alcohols and certain drugs. Several types of hepatitis like Hepatitis type A (HAV), Hepatitis type B (HBV), Hepatitis type C (HCV), Hepatitis type D (HDV), Hepatitis type E (HEV). Hepatitis A and E are acute infection which can be cured in a lesser time whereas the other types are chronic and take long term medication for recovery. The present study describes in detail about the transmission mode, treatment options and preventive measures for all the types of hepatitis infections. A brief mention of hepatitis X and Hepatitis G was also produced.


Pallavi K, Sravani D, Durga S, et al.

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